Masumi Inoue + Moeko Ishiguro

コレグラフィフォアセノグラフィ Choreography for Scenography

映像インスタレーション / Video installation
パフォーマンス10分 / 10 minutes performance (11/3,11/4,11/23)




Moeko Ishiguro and Masumi Inoue met in 2015 and collaborated (on artistic projects) in Nishijin (Kyoto) and in Tokyo’s traditional downtown. Both are interested in the expressions created by the interaction between people and space, such as the dance notation and stage space, and have merged their values in terms of physical expression. 

In 2019, we went to Natsuyuki Nakanishi’s atelier. This building was originally a spinning mill, and he built an open attic and a large white wall for his own work.

From this open attic you have a view over the entire ground floor. When we stand on the balcony, we have the impression that we see the space of a stage. First of all, we have defined this space as <<scenography>> and thought about how to respond to it (with dance). Then we tried to understand this space through the simple acts of our own bodies, with which we found, moved, organised objects such as canvases, wooden frames, pallets, bellows, stepladders and lights that Nakanishi left behind.

These experiences inevitably give birth to choreography, and a scenography appears. As a result, through these acts of “Choreography for Scenography”, we discover a long ignored space and give it a new meaning.