Workshop #1

現実と想像の地表 猿橋探索

“Reality and imagination of surface / Exploring Saruhashi”


A workshop was held to explore the area around the studio with the
participants. The workshop was scheduled to be held in October but was postponed to Saturday, 2nd November due to a direct hit from Typhoon No. 19. As a result, we came to a deeper understanding that Saruhashi is a remote area where the history of the threat of natural disasters are engraved on its riverfront.on the Saruhashi’s riverfront.


In the first half, Suwabe was in charge of facilitating this workshop. Based on the concept of topographical exploration, we picked up stones along the riverside, and each participant wrote down the places where they picked up the stones on a map.

11:00 猿橋駅集合
12:00 河原で石拾いのエクササイズ
12:30 お昼休憩
13:30 名勝猿橋へ移動、猿橋を渡って旧中西夏之アトリエへ向かう
14:30 旧中西夏之アトリエ到着

Time Schedule
11:00 Saruhashi Station
   Move to the Katsura River
12:00 Exercise to pick up stones on the riverbed
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Move to the scenic Saruhashi Bridge and cross the bridge and head for the Natsuyuki Nakanishi former Atelier
14:30 Arrive at the Natsuyuki Nakanishi former Atelier


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14:30 旧中西夏之アトリエ到着
15:30 本企画後半の部の映像をプロジェクションし、振り返りを行う。
16:00 ワークショップ終了


14:30 Arrive at the Natsuyuki Nakanishi former Atelier
Walking to experience and get to know the Atelier.
One by one, repeat the exercise of walking, and carrying the stones picked up in the morning.
15:30 Video projections and reflection by all participants on the second half of the workshop.
16:00 End 

We carried the stones that we had picked up at the riverbed into the atelier. In the afternoon, following Inoue and Ishiguro’s instructions, we had a workshop in which each of us walked around the studio with a stone in our hands. It was an interesting experience to gain a faint feeling of the relationship between the Atelier, people and stones existences by moving our bodies.

Exploratory hiking around Saruhashi and collaborative experiments at Nakanishi Natsuyuki Former Atelier with the workshop participants.

日時 2019年11月2日(土) 11:00-16:00
講師 諏訪部佐代子、堀由紀江、井上潤美+石黒萌子、権祥海
会場 旧中西夏之アトリエ 

Date: November 2nd. 2019 (11: 00-16: 00)
staff: Sayoko Suwabe, Masumi Inoue + Moeko Ishiguro
Support: Sanghae Kwon, Yukie Hori
Venue: Natsuyuki Nakanishi Former Atelier