Sanghae Kwon


Looking back on “Horizon and Tableau by Practical Archeology”



It was May 2019 that I decided to participate in “Practical Archeology”, but by that time the general concept of the group name, exhibition title, etc. had already been decided. So, my role this time was to think about the significance of the activities by looking back at the works that the members of “Practical Archeology” have done. I thought it was a way to contribute to this group as a curator. In this way, we decided to set up a project presentation and a talk event. In the project presentation, as a moderator, I asked the members about the production plan and asked questions about the overall activities. At the talk event, we invited art critic Ryo Sawayama as a guest to look back on the activities from a more objective perspective and talk about future prospects.

The important topics at these events were the group name and intention of “Practical Archeology”. First, the name of the group started with the idea of excavating the former Natsuyuki Nakanishi atelier where the various layers overlapped through art practices. And it led to an exploration of how to relate and visualize the temporal layers (or geological layers) of the past and the present through actual activities (exhibitions, performances, workshops, etc.).Finally, in terms of future activities, there remains the question of what is “Practical Archeology” for us. What kind of person in the past or the present place to face? One thing is certain, it is not to establish a methodology of Practical Archeology, or to pursue an object (or materials). Instead, I think that the way forward is to listen to our senses of the past and continue to think about how it corresponds to current places.