Sayoko Suwabe

発掘された時間/人工風景 Excavated time / artificial landscapes







In September 2019, one of the largest typhoons in history, “Hagibis”, struck this area as well, virtually halting traffic from the center of Tokyo such as the Chuo expressway and the Chuo line railway. The amount of water around the Saruhashi bridge increased visibly, and the flow of the river also changed.

In this exhibition, I exhibited sculptures that trace the shape of the river before and after the flooding, along with glassworks of irregular shapes that are hard to reproduce.

At the workshop, the participants picked up and recorded characteristic stones unique to this area. On the south side of the Katsuragawa river is a cliff area made of lava that flowed out of Mt. Fuji 6000 years ago, and the stones that can be collected around this area are affected by the lava, lapilli, volcanic ash, and the pressure caused by it.

Sayoko Suwabe reveals the history of the stone by bringing it back, cutting it out, and polishing it. She defined this workshop as an experiment where one can experience the pictorial cross-section and the eternal time flowing there.

Questions asked while picking up stones:
-Write today’s nickname using the alphabet
-Write the weight of your imagination
Condition: Express using measuring units other from grams, pounds, or tons
-Write the time of discovery
Condition: Express using units other from year, month, day, or minute

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